Committed to alleviate poverty and improve livelihood in remote communities in Central Asia

  • Tsomo is an 8 year old orphan from Tibet

  • Her older brother, Gengtar Jie, is 13 years old

  • Their 88 year old grandmother is the head of their family

  • Tsomo's home on the grasslands

  • Tsomo ready to go to the city

  • Not easy to let go. Would grandma ever see Tsomo again?

  • First time in a car. Tsomo got sick

  • First bath ever. Tsomo feels much better

  • At Xining Red Cross Hospital

  • Finally home! Everyone around came to see their "new" girl

  • Bye for now Tsomo. We will soon visit again

  • Tsomo is very happy to be back in school

Children of Shambala

Phone: (+86) 1370 972 1379 (China)

Phone: (+47) 4691 2721 (Norway)


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